WeElevateEDU is a movement to inspire learners and their communities to admire, appreciate and advocate for our nation’s educators. We believe educators in Arizona and across the U.S. are professionals who deserve our support to help them in their tireless efforts to impact all students in meaningful and lasting ways.


Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) education students in Phoenix, Arizona are “pre-service teachers” – or teacher candidates – with a passion and a purpose. They are civically minded agents of change! 

As students in the education program at PVCC, their coursework requires them to follow current events in education, to recognize challenges and issues, and to complete a civic engagement project with the goal of improving the education system in Arizona.

When asked about their career paths, PVCC education students are often met with sympathetic or even discouraging words, including, “I’m sorry” or “Why would anyone want to do that?” Tired of standing by and eager to change attitudes toward education in Arizona, they exclaimed, “Somebody has to do something for educators!” And so they did!

“Teachers are society’s most valuable asset. But the current political climate almost demonizes our teachers, who are faced with more demands, a changing social structure and far too few resources to address students’ needs. Our society must stand behind teachers – both literally and figuratively – if we are to change the alarming teacher shortage.

It is WAY past time to support teachers already in the classroom and those studying to become teachers. Join the WeElevateEDU movement and show our [current and] future educators you have their backs!”

—Julie Bacon, President, Arizona School Board Association

Most of us have experience with the K-12 education system as students and/or parents. But most of the public is unaware of the realities and challenges of the classroom or current policies that directly affect teachers.

Arizona has a severe teacher shortage.
  • At the start of the 2016-17 school year, more than 8,000 AZ teaching positions remained unfilled.
  • Later in the school year, almost 50% were still open or filled by those not meeting standard requirements.
  • Close to 500 teachers didn’t show up on day one or resigned during the first weeks of school.
Teacher experience makes a difference.
  • It can take from 3 to 5 years to become an effective teacher.
  • 29% of AZ teachers had 3 or fewer years of experience in the 2013-14 school year.
  • 24% of first-year teachers and 20% of second-year in AZ left the teaching profession during the same year.
  • This “revolving-door effect” creates unstable educational environments and increases development costs.

Participate in the WeElevateEDU’s 3-Day Challenge! Join the movement and pledge to admire, appreciate and advocate for our nation’s educators. Collectively, our voice is strong!



Chances are your life has been impacted by a teacher! Join others throughout Arizona who are working to admire, appreciate and advocate for teachers. Learn more on these informative education websites: